About the Class

Portland Lutheran is a private school on the east side of Portland, OR.  We are a school dedicated to critical thinking, problem solving, service, cultural awareness, and spiritual exploration.  Most students live nearby in Gresham, a suburb of Portland, but some do commute from as far as an hour away to attend here.  We also have visiting students from many countries represented in our student body, including Vietnam, China, Taiwan, S. Korea, and Thailand, but we do not have any students from Japan this year, so we are excited to live the Japanese experience vicariously through our blogger, Aimee!

The classes responding to Aimee’s blogs are both AP Language & Composition courses, so we are studying non-fiction writing this year: news stories, essays, true narratives, opinion pieces, and of course, blogs, so this is a perfect fit for our curriculum.  The students are being encouraged to think about Japanese culture and also to look at how Aimee’s writing is crafted when she shares her thoughts about that culture.  Since Aimee said she considered journalism or writing as a career at one point, this partnership seems perfect!

You can reach me, the teacher, at kcole@portland-lutheran.org if you have any specific questions about our school or our participation in this project.

-Ms. Koty Zelinka Cole

Portland Lutheran H.S.

Language Arts Instructor


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